About Us

Photo by Vincent Postle
“Sean Hobbes is a shining newcomer that you need to keep an eye out for – we could well be in the presence of a future legend.” – Chloe Mogg, CLOUT

Growing up in the alt-rock scene of Philadelphia, Sean Hobbes has dreams of performing his music for thousands of fans. He moved to New Orleans at the age of 18 and started playing in local clubs, mixing his own pop-rock sensibilities with classic soul covers. Sean Hobbes’ lyrics are stories and reflections on love, loss and wanting something more. His band, The Hi Res, bring a wide spectrum of influence and style to his songs, pushing the boundaries of pop music. Together, they create fun, dynamic performances that effortlessly leap from jazz and soul to indie rock and pop. 
Over the past year, Sean Hobbes + The Hi Res have been ambitious in the face of a global crisis. After months of rehearsing, recording, and live-streaming, the band played their first show since the pandemic on 6th Street in Austin, Texas for what-would-have-been SXSW. They play throughout New Orleans and plan to roll out their visual-EP, Things Feel Slow, by the end of this year. The Hi Res includes Kevin Appelson (drums), Tristan Clark (bass), Noah English (guitar), Aidan Swindell (saxophone), and Avery Bell (trombone).

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