Sean Hobbes & the Hi Res


Sean Hobbes & The Hi Res is an alternative-soul band that dynamically leaps from jazz and soul classics to pop infused originals. Born in Philadelphia, Sean arrived in New Orleans when he was 18 and began performing in clubs throughout the city. His exposure to the many musical styles of any given night in New Orleans informs how he mixes elements of jazz, pop, soul, and alternative rock with lyrics that capture universally personal experiences and emotions. 

Coming from various corners of the New Orleans music scene, the group’s members bring unique expertise to Sean’s stylistically ambitious compositions. From backyards to SXSW, the band has played across Louisiana and Texas and continue to tour and record together. They recently released their visual-EP, Things Feel Slow, which received critical praise and nominations in film festivals. The band just finished an east coast tour that included stops in Atlanta, DC, New Jersey, Philly, and Connecticut. Their debut album is due out this year, keep up with the band by following them @SeanHobbesMusic on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook